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Stock vs Asset Sales – Advantages Disadvantages

Asset Sales vs. Stock Sales: What's The Difference? Advantages and Disadvantages for Property Management Deal Structures   Deciding whether to structure your property management disposition as an asset sale or a stock sale is complicated because the parties...

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Q/A with Scott Raymond Mynd PM Seller

How One Savvy Owner Sold His Property Management Company Excellent Interview With a PM Pro Who’s Happy With His Decision To Sell In January 2020 the founder of the Value Builder System, John Warrillow, posted a terrific podcast interview with Scott Raymond, who sold...

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How to You-Proof Your Property Management Business

How To You-Proof Your Property Management Business 5 Quick & Easy Steps To Getting Your Business To Run Without You It’s easy for property management owners to hyper-focus on problem-solving and operational efficiencies. Ours is a tough business. Lots of fires to...

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How To Calculate Your Management Company’s Earnings

Addbacks – How To Calculate Your Management Company’s Earnings How Property It’s Actually Pretty Easy To Figure Out Your Cash Flow – Here’s How   It’s a pet peeve of mine. Business brokers and M&A advisors absolutely love making the business valuation process...

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