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Peek Inside Past Property Management Deals

What Sale Price Did Other PM Businesses Get? A Look At Past Property Management Deals and Why They Don’t Tell The Whole Story It’s one of the first questions I typically hear when meeting a property management professional who is giving some thought to selling their...

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How To Accurately Peg Your PM Company’s Earnings

Addbacks – How To Calculate Your Management Company’s Earnings It’s Actually Pretty Easy To Figure Out Your Cash Flow – Here’s How It’s a pet peeve of mine. Business brokers and M&A advisors absolutely love making the business valuation process seem complicated...

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Don’t Be A “Hub and Spoke” Property Manager

10 Warning Signs You’re a Hub-and-Spoke Owner Fix These Issues and Watch Your Company’s Value Soar Picture a bicycle wheel. On the outside is the rubber wheel affixed to the metal frame. Then you have dozens of spokes leading from the frame to the center. The hub is...

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When To Tell Employees You_re Selling

When To Tell Employees You’re Selling The Company It’s Easy To Commit A Major Mistake – Don’t Have “The Talk” Too Early   A huge part of any exit strategy is properly planning for that moment in time when employees find out the business is for sale or,...

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